Item (30):

A. The Specialized Department Council appoints two Committees for academic advising: One advisory committee for Master students and another one for Ph.D. students whose members are from the faculty members of the Specialized Department.   The Department Chair shall be informed of such appointments and of the delegation of responsibilities to the faculty members or until an academic.     

B. The academic supervisor shall assume the responsibility of advising and counseling the student from the initial time of the student’s enrolment in the program until his/her graduation.   Of course, should the student decide to opt for the thesis track, he/she has the right to ask another faculty member to be his/her thesis supervisor.     

Item (31):

A. During the fourth semester of a Graduate student’s enrolment in a master program, he/she should inform the Specialized Department chair of his/her selection of a supervisor for his/her thesis and should define the title of his thesis.  This should happen right after a graduate student has finished at least 12 credit hours of the master courses. In the case of Ph.D. programs, students have to make such decisions during the sixth semester from the time of their initial enrolment.  All this has to be done on a special form given by the Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, accompanied with a thesis proposal including the purpose of the research proposal, background about the research proposal, and suggested methodology for the entire proposal, and the necessary budget for the completion of the project.

Upon submitting his/her thesis proposal, a master degree student’s a cumulative average should not be less than 2.8 or less than Good and for a PhD. student’s a cumulative average should not be less than 3.2 or ‘very good’.

B. At the recommendation of the Specialized Department Chair and with consent of the supervisor, the Faculty Council has the authority to appoint the supervisor of the student’s thesis taking into consideration the interest of the student if possible.

Item (32):

A. Ph.D. dissertation has to be supervised by a professor whose major pertains directly to the topic of the dissertation, if it is possible.   

B. A Master thesis has to be supervised by an associate professor whose major concentration pertains directly to the topic of the student’s thesis.   In certain circumstances, an assistant professor can assume the responsibility of supervising a master thesis provided that he/she has published two journal articles in refereed and scientific journals in his major.

C. The maximum number of theses that a supervisor can supervise is three theses at one time.   

D. A supervisor has the right to select an assistant supervisor from An-Najah National University or from other institutions to assist him/her in supervising the thesis, once this happens the faculty member becomes a second supervisor.   

Item (33):

A. In exchange for his/her supervising services, the supervisor usually receives one credit hour worth for each semester commencing from the time of his/her appointment as a thesis supervisor.  The maximum time length that a supervisor can have to supervise a master thesis is two academic semesters and four academic semesters for a Ph.D. dissertation.   

B. In the event that there are two supervisors for a particular thesis, the credit hours shall be divided between them equally in exchange for their advisory services.

Item (34):

A. Only under extreme circumstances would a supervisor of a Master or Doctorate thesis supervisor be replaced by another supervisor, taken into account student’s need.  If this to happen, the replacement process shall be taken care of in the same way the appointment of a supervisor is being conducted. 

B. In certain circumstances a thesis or dissertation can be adjusted and revised should the situation require that.  Such revisions or adjustments have to be made in accord with the same procedures used for the thesis.

C. The title of the thesis or dissertation along with the name of the supervisor of the thesis or dissertation shall be written in the records of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Deanship of Admission & Registration, and the records of the Specialized Department.

D. At the recommendation of the Faculty Dean along with the approval of the Specialized Department Council, a faculty member on leave of absence without pay or on leave for scholarly purpose can continue to supervise a student’s thesis.      

E. A supervisor should be eligible to continue to supervise his student’s thesis until its completion even in the event he submitted his resignation or is bound for retirement.