Item (11):


In each academic year, the Deans Council recommends to the Board of Trustees the number of students who should be accepted in Graduate Studies. Such a recommendation is usually made and approved by the Faculty Council in conjunction with both the Specialised Department and the Department Chair’s recommendation.

Item (12):


Enrolment or transfer applications are usually submitted to the Graduate Studies Programs on special forms issued by the Deanship of Registration and Admission in every academic year.

No decision shall be made on the status of any application until all required application materials are submitted to the designated party.      

Item (13):


Admission to Master Programs, requires that prospective applicants must fulfil the following conditions:



Prospective applicant should have a Bachelor degree from An-Najah National University or its equivalent from a Faculty or university credited by An-Najah National University.



Prospective applicant’s undergraduate major should qualify him/her for the type of graduate program he/she aspires to major in and be consistent with the Study Plan of that specific major.



A. Prospective applicant’s undergraduate GPA should not be less than Good or its equivalent.

B. Undergraduate students with a GPA of Satisfactory are eligible to apply to graduate programs provided that they meet the following conditions:

i.         A transferring student should have a diploma with a GPA of Good or above in the same major if he/she is interested in pursuing graduate studies provided that the courses which the student has taken to complete his/her diploma shall not be counted towards satisfying any graduate degree requirements.

ii.       B. A transferring student should have attended a university accredited and recognized by An-Najah National University and a transferring student should have completed two academic semesters with GPA of Good or its equivalent at the first institution. A transferring student to An-Najah National University would not be able to transfer any of the courses or credits he/she has taken from the former program in which he/she was enrolled initially.



Prospective applicant should sit for a Placement Test for the major he/she is applying to.



Prospective applicant should be willing to meet with the Supervising Committee for a personal interview if the Specialised Department Council recommends that.



Earning a competitive GPA, is a matter usually determined and computed by the Specialized Department by the following formula: An applicant’s Bachelor’s GPA counts 70% and the applicant’s results on the Skills / Placement Exam and personal interview counts 30%.



Prospective applicant should submit all the following necessary faculty credentials with the admission application form:



A.   An original or official transcript or copy of certified from both the university from which the applicant graduated and the Palestinian ministry of higher learning.

B.    A certificate of work experience, if available.

C.    Two recommendation Letters from faculty members or professionals.

D.    Personal photo.

E.     Other pertinent documents to the admission application file.

Item (14):


Ph.D. Program:  Prospective applicants should fulfil the following requirements to gain admission to the Ph.D. programs:



Prospective applicants should have a Master Degree from An-Najah National University or from any other university credited by An-Najah National University and should apply to the program which he/she aspires to join.



Prospective applicant’s GPA (Master) should not be less than ‘Very Good’, or its equivalent.



A prospective applicant should prove that he/she had been a regular and attentive student during his/her post graduate and undergraduate study and that his/her attendance of classes had exceeded 75% of the total number of required attendance for graduation.



Prospective applicant should submit the following documents:



A.       A certified copy of the applicant’s faculty credentials and transcripts for all his undergraduate and graduate faculty credentials.

B.       Two recommendation letters from faculty members, who happen to have known the applicant during his Master Program.



A prospective applicant would be willing to have a personal interview with the Supervising Committee, if there is a need for that.

Item (15):


Two weeks before the academic semester commences, the Board of Trustees issues its decision on the admission of graduate students, a decision which is consistent and complies with the recommendation of both the Faculty Council and the Specialised Department Council.