Item (18):

A. A graduate student is allowed to postpone or put off his/her study for two consecutive or non-consecutive academic semesters.        

B. A deferment period shall not be counted or deducted from the maximum amount of time allotted for graduate students.

C. To be eligible for a deferment, graduate students should fill out a ‘deferment form’ and submit it to the Specialised Department for approval during the first week of the commencement of the semester in which the student wishes to apply for a deferment and before passing the deadline for registration for that specific semester.  Students seeking a deferment for one semester should receive the approval of the Specialised Department and the Dean of that Faculty. However, graduate students must obtain the approval of the Faculty Council if they wish to have a deferment for two consecutive semesters. The Deanship of Registration and Admission has to be informed of the approval of the concerned parties.

D. If a graduate student’s deferment has exceeded the allotted time as described in item A above, he/she shall be dismissed from the graduate program he/she belongs to. Dismissal will not apply to those graduate students under severe and uncontrollable circumstances.

E. A newly accepted graduate student shall lose his admission if he/she has failed to register in the graduate program for which he/she is applying during the allotted time for registration. It is very likely that the first name on the waiting list shall take his admission seat.

F. A newly accepted graduate student shall not be entitled to a deferment in the first semester of his/her enrolment in graduate school unless there is a compelling circumstance which has to be attested by proper documentation from a professional person and approved by the Deans Council.   If this deferment is granted the graduate student shall not lose his seat to those on the waiting list.