Item (48):

  1. Instructions of Graduate Studies shall amend those instructions which were issued as a result of decisions made by the Deans Council in its session before the one whose number is 628 on 21/04/2009 and any previous instructions thereof regarding graduate studies.
  2. The minimum number of students of a particular course is five students. The maximum number is thirty students. Beyond the maximum number requires the consent and approval of the Faculty Council and the Specialised Department Council. In most cases, it is possible and permitted to offer a graduate course with three students, the least number of students which can be tolerated.
  3. Using any Graduate Studies Forms mentioned in the following instruction is neither permitted nor will it be tolerated unless it is being issued by the Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  This shall not apply to the Admission and Transfer Forms which are usually issued by the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  4. A dismissed student from a particular program shall not be allowed or permitted to apply to the same program of study again.
  5.  In the event that a graduate student is being delayed from graduation due to a required course which he/she has to take and it is not being offered during the semester of his/her graduation, the Faculty Council is obliged to allow the student to find a substitute course in the department in which he/she is enrolled.  
  6.  It is the responsibility of both the Dean of the Faculty and the Dean of Admission and Registration to apply and execute these regulations and instructions.
  7. If a student submits an objection disputing a particular grade he/she receives, such an objection should be filed/submitted within the first week of the announcement of the grades. The student should pay 10 JD as fees and the matter should be turned to the instructor of the course for examination and review of the grades and the correction of questions or parts of questions if left uncorrected.  In exceptional cases, the student must pay 20 JD fees and the matter should be turned to the Dean of the faculty of graduate studies to take an appropriate action by commissioning someone suitable to re-correct the examination papers.
  8. At the recommendations of both the Department Council and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Deans Council shall have the full authority to look into, tackle, and handle any matter which is not mentioned herein or being dealt with in these instructions.