Item (35):

The supervisor asks the Specialised Department Chair to appoint the members of the thesis committee.  The appointment decision is usually taken by the Faculty Council which acts at the recommendation of its members along with the recommendation of the Specialised Department Chair and Department Council.   The completion of this process has to be done on a special form issued by the Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Item (36):

A thesis Committee consists of the following members:

A. Supervisor or in the event that there are two supervisors, one of them would be the main supervisor and the other would be a committee member.

B. A university faculty member (Internal examiner) who meets the conditions of supervision and whose expertise pertains directly to the topic of the thesis.

C. An external Examiner whose expertise directly pertain to the topic of the thesis and meets the conditions described in item (B) above.   

D. The minimum number of a thesis committee is three and the maximum number is five faculty members.

Item (37):

A. The student submits several copies of his/her thesis to the Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies via/through the Specialised Department Chair.  The number of copies which has to be submitted should correspond to the number of the committee members.     

B. The thesis supervisor should fill out a special form for the formation of thesis committee members.

C. The Dean of Graduate Studies shall send off copies of the student’s thesis to each member on the committee and request that they read it within a specific time length and report back their recommendation regarding the quality of the thesis.   

D. If committee members reports are positive and encouraging, the Dean of Graduate Studies shall send these reports to the Specialized Department Chair for his review and shall ask him to confer with the thesis supervisor  and committee members on finding an appropriate time and date for the defence of the thesis.  The Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies shall reserve the right of setting up the date for the thesis defence in writing.   

E. If any of the thesis examiners has declined to accept the thesis, he/she has to submit a detailed report explaining and pointing out the rationale behind his/her refusal to accept it as it is.   The thesis supervisor has discussed the results of the internal and external examiners with all the members of the thesis committee and if one member on the thesis committee disagrees with the examiner, a thesis defence shall not convene.  In the event that the members of the thesis committee disagree with the examiner’s opinion, the student’s thesis has to be sent to another examiner for a second opinion and for the purpose of reaching consensus.   

F. The Department Chair shall inform the Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the timing and date on which the thesis defence would be scheduled, so that the latter would take the necessary measures and preparation for the defence.   

G. If one of the committee members contends that the thesis needs some revisions and adjustments before the defence, the thesis supervisor shall take upon himself the full responsibility of taking the proper procedures regarding the revisions needed.     

Item (38):

The thesis defence shall be discussed and defended in the following fashion:

 A. The student shall have a 15- minute-period during which he/she provides a verbal synopsis of his/her thesis.


  1. The chairman of Thesis Defence Committee shall chair and administer the defence  of the student's thesis. Only Committee members of the student's thesis participate in the defence of the student's thesis.
  2. In case the first supervisor is absent for a compelling reason, the second supervisor shall preside over the supervision of the defence of the student's thesis. In the event that there is no second supervisor, the Faculty council shall ask the coordinator of the concerned program to appoint a faculty member who happens to be a suitable candidate to chair the committee.

C. All thesis committee members convene right after the completion of the defence and decide with majority of members on one of the following outcomes:

  1. Pass without making any revisions on the thesis;
  2. Pass after making certain revisions on the thesis; Failure.

D. The first supervisor only has the right to vote in the event that there is another supervisor on the thesis defence committee as described in item (C) above.

E. Thesis revisions and adjustments have to be made and taken care of in a period which does not exceed one academic semester and then it should be submitted to the members of the thesis defence committee for discussion for a second read. The student then would receive a pass if the committee members accept the revisions made on the thesis, or failure if all the committee members refuse to accept the revisions as long as such a decision does not conflict with the regulations contained in item (22) number (4).

Item (39):

 If the student failed to defend his/her thesis, he/she has the right to appeal for a second chance but such an appeal for a thesis defence has to take place four months after the initial defence took place at least.

Item (40):

A. The student shall hand deliver the required number of his/her thesis to the Deanship of the Faculty Graduate Studies.   The thesis has to be in the same form as it has been accepted by the thesis committee members with the proper thesis binding as described in the instruction herein.

B. The Dean of Graduate Studies shall recommend the graduation of the student to the Deans Council on account of the recommendations made by both the Faculty Council and the Deanship of Admission & Registration.

Item (41):

A committee member shall be granted a monetary award to be specified by the President of the University with a letter of gratitude