Item (23):

1. University transfer policy at An-Najah National University allows students to transfer from other institutions to An-Najah University provided that these institutions are credited by An-Najah National University and that the transferring students meets the following conditions:

A. A transferring student should have a GPA of 75% (2.5)and above.

B. A transferring student should have satisfied admission conditions as described in items (13) and (14).

2.Transferring courses can be credited by the host university in the following instances:

A. Transferring courses have to match and correspond with those on the study plan of the university to which student is transferring in terms of level and content, and requirements.

B. Transferring student’s GPA should not be less than 75% (2.5) or less than Very Good or a (B).

C. The maximum number of hours which a transferring student to An-Najah National University can count is six credit hours. In addition, he/she shall not be able to transfer any of the grades accumulated outside An-Najah National University to his/her GPA.

Item (24):

1. A graduate student at An-Najah National University can transfer from one program to another at the same Faculty at An-Najah University provided that he/she meets the following conditions.

A. He/she should have fulfilled all the admission conditions of the program he/she is transferring to.

B. There has to be a place in the program he/she is transferring to and has to take the Skill Placement Exam. for that program when it is offered.

C. Transferring student’s GPA should be 75% (2.5) and above

 2.Transferring students can transfer some of their courses if these courses meet the following conditions.

A. If these courses can be considered equivalents in terms of course title and number or in terms of level and content to the type of courses listed in the required study plan.

B. The formula for evaluating and accepting transfer courses is usually done by the Specialized Department Council whose recommendation is sent off to the Faculty Council of the Graduate Studies for approval which in turn informs the Deanship of Admission and Registration in writing of its recommendations.

C. The maximum number of transferable credit hours is six so long as no more than two consecutive semesters have passed ever since the transferring student studied these courses.      

D. Transferable courses have to be 75% (2.5) and above to be counted.

E. A transferring student can transfer (6) credit hours at most provided that the time period during which the student has taken these two courses does not exceed two consecutive semesters.

Item (25):

A. The minimum time length that a transferring student can spend in joining the new Master program to finish up with his/her Master’s is two academic semesters and the maximum time length is four academic semesters from the time of his transfer to the new institution.

B. The minimum time length that a doctorate student can spend in transferring to a new university or institution is four academic semesters and the maximum time length is eight academic semesters to finish up his/her doctorate.

Item (26):

Requests for transfer can/should be submitted to the Deanship of Admission and Registration   accompanied with all necessary documents required by An-Najah National University.

Item (27):

A transferring student can submit a request to transfer the courses he/she has taken at the former institution. A graduate student can request that his/her Transferable courses be counted provided that he/she meets the following conditions:   

1. The student should have taken these courses at a university which is credited by An-Najah National University.

2. The transferring student should obtain a written approval from both the Dean and the Specialized Department Council before studying at another university.

3. The maximum number of transferable credits hours for a Master or a Ph.D. is (9), provided that these transferable courses are equivalents of the courses listed on the study plan.

4. The transferring student’s grades on these transferable courses should not be less than 75% (2.5). These transferable courses shall not be counted towards the transferring student’s GPA.

Item (28):

 A graduate student can change from the thesis-track to the comprehensive Examination track option so long as this process is carried out after satisfying the following terms and conditions:

1. Submit a request for such a change of status or transfer from one track to another at the end of the third semester from the time of his/her enrolment in the graduate program.

2. Obtain the approval and consent of both the Specialized Department Council and the Faculty Council.