The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Mersal Abdullah Abu Mersal a Master’s Degree in Physical Education in response to his thesis entitled “The Effect of Repetition of three Types of Kata on the Response of Selected Hormones, Enzymes, Blood Contents, and Cardiovascular system Among Karate Players aged 15-25 Years”.

The Committee consisted of Prof. Abdel-Naser Qadoumi as a Main Supervisor and Chairman, Dr. Suleman Khalil as a Second Supervisor, Dr. Abdel-Salam Hamarsheh as an External Examiner, Prof. Imad Abdel-Haq as an Internal Examiner and Dr. Qais Ne’erat as an Internal Examiner.

At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended him a Master’s degree.



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