In order to embody its national mission, the Faculty of Education at An-Najah National University launched its graduate programs in 1982 in response to the community’s needs for a qualified and specialised generation.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has been a full-fledged college since 1995. It aims to strengthen its ‎academic ties with the various faculties and departments at the university. It also aspires to co-‎operate with other Palestinian universities by participating in thesis supervision and examinations.‎

In an effort to maintain distinct relationships with foreign universities, An-Najah National University has established a variety of partnerships.

The University was able to offer a Ph.D. program in chemistry as a result of some of these partnerships. Supervision of these doctoral students is a co-operative process between professors from this university and universities in Europe.

The addition to the academic value for students in offering such programs, the graduate programs has satisfied the objectives of An-Najah National University and those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies because it has transformed the university into an advanced center respected both in Palestine and the Arab world. The university is therefore keen on employing distinguished Palestinian experts and scholars who can efficiently contribute to enriching applied research work and adopting and utilising new technology in national enterprises. To this effect, the university has started to provide the Editorials Department with CD-ROM programs that contain up-to-date databases relevant to the scientific fields of chemistry, physics, math, biology, computers, agriculture, the environment, and engineering. Databases are also available on economics, accounting, banking, business administration, marketing, education and hydrology.

This database forms the nucleus for an electronic information center, which is lacking in many Palestinian universities. Furthermore, these programs will cater to researchers desiring up-to-date scientific research.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies also conducts applied studies and research in collaboration with the national sectors of industry, agriculture, the environment and hygiene. It aids these sectors to implement research projects that will solve some of the problems the Palestinian society still encounters today.