Within the framework of cooperation which exists at the present time between the university and several other highly developed/advanced universities whose primary aim is to develop and encourage scientific research and human resources at the university. An –Najah National University has recently entered into a cooperative agreement with the distinguished university of Syracuse which is located in the State of New York in the United States of America.

This cooperative agreement includes and involves the exchange of short-term visits of the faculty staff at the university; in addition to facilitating the development of academic cadre at An-Najah National University by facilitating the admission of both graduate and post graduates at Syracuse University and by embarking on joint academic projects concerning the publication of joint research and the development of academic curricula and exploring the possibility of offering new courses.

Furthermore, this cooperative agreement involves the rendering of services to college students by facilitating their admission to Syracuse University particularly the distinguished students in order to help them pursue their graduate and post-graduate studies at that institution.   This should be done in accord with the terms and conditions stated in the cooperative agreement which both universities entered into and agreed upon.

Moreover, this cooperative agreement involves the organization of short-term visits of faculty members to Syracuse University and providing the opportunity for students to take certain courses at Syracuse University provided that these courses are credit-bearing, transferable, and credited towards the fulfillment of students’ course requirements.This cooperative agreement which An-Najah National University has jointly entered into with Syracuse University is a genuine milestone in and of itself and it stand to symbolize the academic and administrative ranking and distinction which an-Najah University has accomplished over the years.