The college has high academic and social aspirations, aiming to reach new heights of academic standing in its performances. It aims to take a leadership stance in the programs it provides, so that the the faculty develops knowledge and infrastructure in scientific research and has the provision of joint programs between the different disciplines, to support a holistic view of the college in the area of service and community development. This means that by virtue, the college would contribute in turn to the civilized world, taking into account the challenges imposed on us by the revolution of knowledge, the flood of technology, and the frequency of challenges.


The college’s mission is aimed at providing an academic environment on a scientific basis and encouraging such research by providing multiple programs aimed at enriching the knowledge of humanity. It also aims to meet the needs of Palestinian society through the provision of studies and consultancies and research and work on the training of qualified human resources and their development. Through paying a great deal of attention to the Arabic and Islamic thought and development, taking into account the importance of the factor quality, the college feels it will achieve its role of achieving the objectives to the fullest, both in academic programs or academic research and studies.