The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Eram Shatyeh a Master’s Degree in Geography in response to her thesis entitled “Attitude of the Palestinian Youth (15-29) in the West Bank Toward Work”.

This study tackles the tendencies of the Palestinian youth in the West Bank ranging from 15-29 towards work based on considering work as the basis of the youth’s life in this period of time in their life. Furthermore, the influence of the economic, social and demographic factors of work choice has been studied.

The main problem of the study is the youth’s tendencies towards work including their desire not to have a job or turning down the offered job. The first chapter talks about the plan of the study, and the second chapter tackles the demographic composition in the West Bank. Furthermore, the third chapter talks about the reasons behind the youth’s desire not to have a job that it turned out that it is because of their education or training. Besides, the fourth chapter talks about the challenges that the youth face at work, namely: work pressure, low salary and long hours. Then, the fifth chapter tackles the sectors in which the youth work that most of them work in the private sector. In addition, the sixth chapter explores the attempts of the youth to look for work by calling their relatives, acquaintances or the employer.

Concerning the reasons of the youth’s tendencies to turn down offered jobs, it turned out that they do so because of the nature of the job and the low salary. The researcher recommended that it is necessary to plan between market needs and the required skills and experiences in order to face the challenges of labor market. It is also recommended that taking care of the small projects in which the youth work, is necessary. Finally, it is imperative to lower the years of the service in the public section encouraging early retirement to create work opportunities for the youth. 

The committee consisted of: Dr. Hussein Ahmad as a main supervisor and Chairman, Dr. Hassan Qadoumi as an external examiner and Dr. Maher Abu Saleh as an internal examiner.

At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended her a Master’s degree.


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