The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Samer Bani Odeh a Master’s Degree in Planning & Political Development in response to his thesis entitled “The Consequences of Palestinian Cleavage on Palestinian Foreign Policy (2007-2016)”.

This study aims to identify the most important dangers caused by the Palestinian political division on the Palestinian foreign policy which is the cornerstone in building national and international political relations in support of the Palestinian national project and the relationship of the disappearance of the effects of political division on these pillars.

The researcher assumes that the Palestinian political division has reduced the chances of achieving the Palestinian foreign political achievements.

The researcher restored to using analytical descriptive method, based on the accurate and detailed description of the phenomenon, by relying on the database and information available on the subject of the research accurately and authentically, and through the reading of what has been written on this subject in references, books and periodicals as primary sources, newspapers and the internet and data and other publications as secondary sources, and then to analyze and provide the reader with credibility and scientific methodology. The results of the study showed that the internal Palestinian political division has harmed the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian society, brought the Palestinian issue to a standstill and increased the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation and siege.

The result also showed that the Palestinian political division led to increased international political pressure on the institutions of the Palestinian political system, as well as a decline in the role of the Palestinian foreign policy, which confused the Palestinian diplomatic corps and put it in difficult political options. In the light of the result, the researcher came up with asset of recommendations, the most important of which are:

  1. The need to be free from the provision of the Oslo accords, which restrict Palestinian diplomacy in the context of the negotiations.
  2. Review the negotiations process and look for other alternatives.
  3. Ending the file of division and achieving Palestinian unity through dialogue and giving priority to the national interest at the expense of partisan interests.
  4. The need to adopt a national political program that constitutes the consensus of the Palestinian forces is a reference to the diplomatic work.
  5. The need to find diplomats capable of carrying out their duties with all responsibility, commitment and efficiency.

The committee consisted of: Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jaber as a main supervisor and Chairman, Prof. AbdelSattar Qasem as an external examiner and Dr. Nayef Abu Khalaf as an internal examiner.

At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended him a Master’s degree.

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