The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Mos'ab Sameeh Yousef Ka'ek a Master’s Degree in USol Al-deen in response to his thesis entitled “Al-Imam Al-Bukhar`sapproach in dealing with the narratives which have a discrepancy between Al-Wasl and Al-Irsal: Theoretical and Empirical study”.

This study has addressed one of the most precise and crucial issues which is the opposition between receiving and transmission (Al Wasl and Al Ersaal). The scientists had and still have disagreements with a wide scope on the ideas concerning the subject matter. This thesis aims to reveal the methodologies AL Imam Al Bukhari adopted in dealing with the narrations oppositions between receiving and transmission (Al Wasl and Al Ersaal). In this study, the researcher used the inductive and analytical method to attain the method Al Imam Al Bukhari to combine the theoretical and the applied sides in this issue, Especially that this study proved that expert Imams, on top of them Al Imam Al Bukhari didn't administer this issue in an unremitted comprehensive way. It appears that admission and response revolves round consorts and favorites

This study consists of three main chapters: the first chapter deals with the definition of the opposition between receiving and transmission of the narrations, and the judgment on this opposition. The second chapter deals with the theoretical study of consorts and favorites and their definition. And in the third and final chapter is an applied study Al Imam Al Bukhari method adopted in favoring between receiving and transmitting.

This study came up with several conclusions including:

  1. The study reveals that Al Imam Al Bukhari – RIP is a skilled criticizing Imam, and he's the undisputed leading pioneer in this field.
  2. This study reveals that the subject of the opposition between receiving and transmission has a strong connection with confidence increasing issue, where scientists had debated and still debating widely and divergently on this issue.
  3. This study emphasized that each Imam has their own method in their own books, and their methods couldn't be recognized without applied studies based on the complete inductive method.
  4. This study also reveals that Al Imam Al Bukhari didn't judge on the issue of the opposition between receiving and transmission in complete unremitting way.
  5. This study reveals that consorts and favorites the critics depended on to favor receiving (Al Wasl) on one hand or favoring transmission ( Al Irsal) on the other hand, are widely debated, in addition, they are not confined in the number or on the how many, but what the Imams recognize from what God has granted them from the variety of knowledge resulted from studying different methods and scripts.

The committee consisted of: Dr. Hussein Naqeeb as a main supervisor and Chairman, Dr. Islam Tzaza as an external examiner and Dr. Muntaser Asmar as an internal examiner.

At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended him a Master’s degree.

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