Through the college of graduate studies, An-Najah National University is pleased to offer its graduate students several scholarships in the following specialisations: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Prospective graduate students are eligible to apply for such scholarships provided that they meet the required conditions.

  1. To be a full-time student at the university.‎
  2. Student’s study load should not be less than 6 credit hours including prerequisite (or ‎complementary) courses per academic semester.‎
  3. Students must not be an employee or has received a scholarship from another source.‎
  4. Student’s GPA (GRADE POINT AVERAGE) or a cumulative average during his/her study should not ‎be less than “very good” or 3.2‎

Scholarship is awarded to students’ whose GPAs in their bachelor degree is “very good” for four academic semesters at the maximum duration provided that they maintain a cumulative average no less than 3.2 per semester during their graduate study (master level);

The teaching scholarship includes a 75 J. Dinars monthly sum of 75 J.D. and half of the registration and tuition fees will be waived for the semester during which the students gets a scholarship award;

Students have to work 20 hours per week.

  1. The University provides the Department of Chemistry, Biology, Physics at the college of science with several scholarships to meet their academic need at the beginning of each academic semester.
  2. The college of Graduate Studies announces its readiness to receive applications for scholarships in the first three days of the start of the first and second academic semesters of each year.
  3. Graduate students can consult with the college of graduate studies on filling out the scholarship application form provided that he/she furnishes the college with the receipt for the semester he/she intends to obtain a scholarship.
  4. Students should hand deliver their scholarship applications to the department of natural sciences at the college of graduate studies.
  5. Before submitting it to the college of science, the chair of the department of natural studies at the college of graduate studies double checks the information contained in the filled out application form.
  6. Scholarship Application Requests are sent to the college of science for their review and consideration and; then the college of graduate studies shall be informed of their recommendations.  The council of college of graduate studies shall review these recommendations and takes an appropriate decision on that account.

Application form to apply for a scholarship