Item (1):

The following are the instructions of Graduate Studies operating at An-Najah National University for the academic year of 2008-2009.  

Item (2):

The following words and expressions shall have the meanings they imply unless their equivalents convey otherwise:


An-Najah National University

Faculty Council

Faculty Council of Graduate Studies


Dean of The Faculty of Graduate Studies

Department Chair

Department Chair of Graduate Studies

Specialized Department Council

The Department Council in which the student is enrolled

Item (3):

The initiation of Graduate and post-graduate Studies at An-Najah National University results from both the decision of the board of trustees of the university and the recommendation of the Deans Council which in turns acts at the recommendation of the Faculty council, the Department and the Specialised Department Council.

Item (4):

As described by the study plan and approved by the Deans Council, the requirements of obtaining a Master degree are (33) credit hours at least. These requirements are usually distributed in accord with the following two programs/tracks: 
A.  Thesis Track:  (33 Credit Hours), consists of:

  1. finishing (27) Credit Hours at least
  2. Submitting and successfully defending a six-credit-hour Thesis

B. Comprehensive Examination Track (36 Credit Hours) consisting of:

  1. Finishing 36 credit hours at least.
  2. Passing the Qualifying Exam successfully.

C. After finishing (12) credit hours, a graduate student must submit a written request to the Specialised Department stating the academic graduate track (Comprehensive Exam or Thesis) he/she is planning to pursue to complete his/her graduate work and then the Deanship of the Faculty of Graduate Studies shall inform the student of its final decision after due consideration of the Department chair's recommendation. The Deanship of Admission and Registration shall be apprised of the final decision.
D. The number of students who will be accepted in either track (either the Thesis track versus the Comprehensive Examination Track) shall be decided upon by the designated Specialised Department’s recommendation and in accord with the availability of resources of that particular Department.

Item (5):

Ph.D. Requirements are spelled out in the following Study Plan as approved by the Deans Council:  

  1. The completion of (24) credit hours.
  2. Passing the Comprehensive Examination successfully.

Preparing a dissertation Research Proposal and defending it before the concerned Department Committee.   Student’s Ph.D. dissertation should carry (24) credit hours load and it should be defended successfully.

Item (6):

A. A Master or Ph.D., students’ Study Plan may or may not include some prerequisite courses which students have to take in compliance with the request of the Deans Council and at the recommendation of the Specialised Department Council in order to fulfil their graduate studies.  These prerequisite courses should not exceed (9) credit hours, nor should they be counted towards the number of credit hours required for the Master or Ph.D., degrees.   Whatever grades students earn on these prerequisite courses, they would not be counted in the student’s GPA (or grade point Average).
B. In the event that the Department Committee deems it necessary for the graduate student to take more than (9) credit hours of prerequisite courses, such matter should be brought to the attention of the Deans Council via the Dean of the concerned Faculty for reaching a final and seemly decision.
C. A graduate student should complete all prerequisite courses before being accepted or admitted into a specific program. The academic semester during which the student takes up these prerequisite course shall not count towards the allowed legal time period which is normally granted to graduate students.

Item (7):

A. Three-academic-semester-period is the minimum time length during which Master students can finish up and complete their Master degree requirements.  The maximum time length during which students can remain enrolled in their respective graduate programs is six academic semesters from the time of their initial enrolment.  Beyond that, students have to appeal to the Faculty Council to obtain an extension for one academic semester and such an extension would be granted to students only under urgent circumstances.
B. Six academic semesters is the minimum time length during which Ph.D. students have to complete the requirements of their degree. The maximum time length is (12) academic semesters from the time of their initial enrolment in the program. Beyond that students have to appeal to the Faculty Council for an extension of two academic semesters.  Such appeals can only be granted to students under urgent circumstances.

Item (8):

A. The maximum credit-hour-load which graduate student can carry is 12 per semester and the minimum credit-hour-load is six per semester.
B. The maximum credit-hour-load is six in the summer semester.

Item (9):

A. 70% is the passing grade for any graduate course and 60% for any prerequisite courses.
B. 75% is the minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) for graduate courses which all students have to maintain through out their enrolment in graduate school.

Item (10):

A. During their graduate and post-graduate study, students can retake no more than (9) credit hours to boost their GPA (Grade Point Average).
B. If a student re-takes a particular course, only the new grade he/she receives on this course shall be counted in his/her GPA.  However, the failing grade should appear on the student’s academic transcript.