The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Amal Dauod a Master’s Degree in Methods of Teaching Science in response to her thesis entitled “The Effect of Using the Round House Strategy in Science Teaching on Critical Thinking and Academic Self- Concept Among the Basic Seventh Grade Student in Qalqilia”.
The purpose of this study aimed at investigating the effect of using the Round House strategy in science teaching on critical thinking and academic self- concept among the basic seventh grade students compared with  the traditional method. The study attempted to answer the main question: What is the effect of using round house strategy in science teaching on critical thinking and academic self- concept among the basic seven grade student ?
To answer the questions of the study and test its hypotheses, the researcher used the experimental method with quasi-experimental design by applying the study to a sample of (64) female students of the seventh graders in girls Primary School in the district of Qalqilia,the students studied the unit titeled " Plant Reproduction" from the science book for the seventh grade in two groups (experimental and control), in the second semester of the acadimic year (2016/2017).
To actualize the purpose of the study, the researcher prepered the following: critical thinking test, the academic self-concept questionnaire, and the teacher's guide were prepared for the experimental group.
The results of the analysis showed that there was no statistically significant difference between the means of grade scores on the post-critical thinking test. There was also a statistical difference between the means of grade in the scale of the post  academic self- concept due to method of teaching in favor of the experimental group. Additionally a statistically positive correlation between critical thinking and the academic self- concept  in favor of the experimental group.
Based on the results, the study recommends the following: first, conducting studies on the effect of the round house strategy on critical thinking with the need to increase the period of time to implement it. second, the implementation of activities and training in the same manner as the activities of the round  house strategy and finally, the importance of  training courses for the teachers on how to employ the Round House strategy in science, and in all subjects.
The committee consisted of: Dr. Mahmoud Shamali as a main supervisor and Chairman, Prof. Ghassan Sfarini as a second supervisor, Dr. Muhsen Adas as an external examiner and Dr. Mahmoud Rmadan as an internal examiner.
At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended her a Master’s degree.

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