The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Yara Odeh a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences in response to her thesis entitled “Assessment of Palestinian Women Roles in Sustainability of the Local Environment”.

The committee consisted of: Dr. Raed Koni as a main supervisor and Chairman, Dr. Khaled Swalha as an external examiner and Prof. Hassan Abu Qaoud as an internal examiner.

Background: Food Waste Management is currently recognized as an important global problem. The study aim is to evaluate the housewife’s role in the protection and sustainability of the environmental resources, and reducing its depletion in (food waste management) in Nablus governorate. The study results might help to improve the current status of the environment in Nablus, by giving alert or warning for the current situation or in answering some questions.

Methodology: Descriptive study was conducted during the period between November 2018 until November 2019; in Nablus governorate. Study samples are a stratified random sampling, which include 400 women; all participants were subjected to questionnaire; response rate is 100%.

Results and Conclusion: The study population consisted of 400 women, 100 (25%) from East of Nablus City, 100 (25%) from West of Nablus City, 100 (25%) from North of Nablus City, and 100 (25%) from South of Nablus City. The study findings showed that there are statistically significant differences between living area and [marital status, educational level, nature of living, current occupation, the percentage of food which spoil before eating, how many days do the participants usually shop for]. Also it showed that there is no statistically significant differences between living area and [Age group, thinking that the leftovers are properly disposed, in Nablus, concerning about food waste and trying to avoid and minimize, check the food before throwing to see if it should be thrown away or can it be used, trying to use the remaining food before cooking new food and throwing only the minimum, interested in food preservation and packaging well, feel concerned about the cost of food that throw, read the date of validity of food when buying]. Also there is a statistically significant differences between living area and [plan meals before the participant go shopping (make a shopping list based on how many meals she expect to eat at home), If that happen, does she take into account the necessary quantities of food, know the temperature at which the fridge should be to keep her food fresh for the longest time, the amount of food that her family wastes per day.

At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended her a Master’s degree.

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