The Faculty of Graduate Studies awarded the researcher Mohammad Fadi Abdel-Haq a Master’s Degree in Advanced Computingin response to his thesis entitled “Developing Wireless Magnetic Sensor Network for Traffic Monitoring”.

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) management play an important role in modern transportation system. An important area in ITS research is the development of traffic monitoring systems that collects traffic information such as vehicle counting, speed measurements and vehicle classification. This information allows developing smart transportation systems that take into consideration the current traffic situation in order to generate smart decisions.

Existing traffic monitoring systems are mainly based on video recognition or inductive loops. These systems have many limitations. Video-based systems do not work well in inclement weather conditions, like heavy rain or snow. Deployment and maintenance of inductive loops need to cut off the road surface and interrupt traffic vehicles. Moreover, both kinds of traffic monitoring systems are expensive and they are not suitable for large scale deployment.

In this thesis, we developed a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) application for vehicle counting, vehicle classification and speed measurement based on roadside magnetic sensors. Magnetic sensors can be deployed on the roadside to collect traffic data. Then, the data can be communicated using wireless channels to a central computer to be processed and analyzed. The traffic data will be saved in a database and can shared with other transportation applications through the use of web services. This approach has many advantages includes, real time traffic monitoring, low cost, ensures proper monitoring of the roads, and requires less human intervention. The focus of this thesis is on the development of the wireless sensor network and the traffic data management. Simulated data is used to evaluate the system instead of deploying magnetic sensors.

The committee consisted of: Dr. Adnan Salman a main supervisor and Chairman, Dr. Imad Sadah as an external examiner and Dr. Baker Abdel-Haq as an internal examiner.

At the end of the session, the committee approved the success of the researcher and recommended him a Master’s degree.



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